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Thread: Problem restarting/shutting down when using kernel 6.0.0-kali6-amd64

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    Problem restarting/shutting down when using kernel 6.0.0-kali6-amd64

    Hello, I am pretty new to Linux so please forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminology. I recently updated/upgraded and my GRUB is booting into the Linux 6.0.0-kali6-amd64 kernel. Now, whenever I try to shutdown or reboot, my system will logout and proceed through its shutdown procedure until it gets to the black screen with the dragon logo. Then it just freezes there and all I can do is a hard reboot. I have no problems starting Kali or running any programs (as far as I can tell). It's only when shutting down or rebooting. I run a dual boot system which always boots into GRUB first and I can choose to boot into the previous 5.9.0-kali1-amd64 kernel, everything is normal with no problems.

    Any solutions or insight into my issue is much appreciated.

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    if you have made updates etc to the system, then it can sometimes take longer than you think normal to shut down, tempting the hard reset..

    Give it a while and it should sort itself out, and then next time boot and shutdown normally.

    upgrades from kernel 5.* to 6.0 have been troublesome for some users on various Linux distros. I tend to reinstall from scratch now and again if I have a buggy experience.

    Just a thought, if your using a VM to run Kali, then if you have the oiption in your VM manager, change hard drive emulation to NVMe and not SATA or SCSI this can make a huge increase in VM performance from my own experience.

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