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Thread: Kali NetHunter on S22 ultra VNC server ERROR "Help Please"

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    Kali NetHunter on S22 ultra VNC server ERROR "Help Please"

    Ok so I got Kali NetHunter installed on my Galaxy S22 Ultra running Android 13. I'm having an ongoing problem connecting to the VNC viewer. I'm running into the following error message:

    Can someone please explain to me, how to secure a connection. I've tried YouTube bt the the instructions they give seem to be inaccurate.

    P.s. forgive me if the pic of the error is bad. This is my 1st post and this is all a little new to me..
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    VNC has 2 parts, a VNC server running, and a VNC viewer client to connect to that running server..

    This is old but clear;
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