1. Boot using the Kali live DVD
2. Install the lvm2 package - apt-get install lvm2
3. Load the kernel module dm-mod - modprobe dm-mod
4. Scan the LVM volumes to allocate the encrypted volume group - vgscan (my volume was CyberApt)
5. Activate the volume (my volume was CyberApt) - vgchange -ay CyberApt
6. Find the logical volume for the root filesystem - lvs
7. Create a directory in mnt to mount volume - mkdir /etc/enc
8. Mount the volume - mount /dev/mapper/CyberApt /mnt/enc
9. Clear up the root password using vi by removing everything between the first two colons : in the /etc/shadow file - vi /mnt/enc/etc/shadow
10. Reboot system and login with the root user account and no password and then use passwd to change root password