Current Setup:
Samsung A7 lite - Not Rooted,
Alfa networks and AR9271 usb wifi adaptors
Termux and Nethunter installed via wget method, not the nethunter store.

Issue: Unable to get any of my wifi adaptors to work or detected with Nethunter
I have installed a usb otg check app and confirmed the devices are seen by the android app..

Hi all
I'm new to both Android and Kali,
I am trying to force myself to learn Kali cli commands better and unable to get my usb detected by Kali and my otg Y adaptor.

I also notice when I try "lsusb" I get an error about " unable to initialise lsusb -99"
I found some reference on google advising that this error means that there is no Usb controller installed.

Any Suggestions please?