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Thread: Installing Kali on a computer with tri-boot already setup

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    Installing Kali on a computer with tri-boot already setup

    Hi, Everyone. I am new to this forum. I had a question, better a doubt, that I can't find the answer to online, and I want to clarify before proceeding. I believe this is the best place to ask.

    I want to install Kali alongside windows, only to do some testing and take a look at the OS for a few days.

    On my computer, I have already installed the following:

    1. Win10
    2. Ubuntu 20.10
    3. Ubuntu Studio 22.04

    I installed them by partitioning the Disk myself with the "Something Else" option, so I selected the Windows Boot Manager partition to install both the boot partition of Ubuntu, setting as a mounting point /boot/EFI. Then I had two unallocated partitions two install the OS itself. But looking at videos online to install Kali, I see that they do not use the Windows Boot Manager partition to create kali's boot; instead, they have an unallocated partition that is then divided into 3: one for the boot, another for the swap and the last for the OS itself.

    So my question is can I install kali's boot in the Windows Boot Manager as I did with the other two Ubuntus, or do I need to stick to the video and create a new EFI partition?
    I hope I have adequately explained what I am trying to say. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    You already have 2 Debian based Linux installs, so a 3rd Debian based Linux OS like Kali can be added utilising your present EFI and Grub boot config, the same steps you used to add the second Ubuntu is the same basic steps you'll need to install Kali alongside.

    All Kali tools can of course just be added to your Ubuntu install if you wish, you would just add the Kali repos to the package manager...

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