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Thread: Kali running in WSL issues with Kex and ssh

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    Exclamation Kali running in WSL issues with Kex and ssh

    I am trying to get a handle on some issues that I have been having with Kali running in WSL. For the sake of being clear I went througha fresh install of kali and the problems persisted.

    To replicate i followed all the steps provided in

    When running kex it fails in window mode:

    kex win.jpg

    ESM and SL mode work

    But on top of that SSH fails to work for IPv4:

    On a prior build i enabled systemd and was able to see this error:


    I modified the sshd_config line "addressfamily inet" to force ssh over IPv4 but that resulted in the service completly failing.

    generally speaking I am wondering if anyone else is running Kali in WSL and have you seen these problems and have a possible solution.

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    Whether you are new or not, it is preferable to run the most recent Kali on a virtual machine.

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    Running Kali as a VM might be preferable to some, but running a WSL instance best fits my uses.

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