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Thread: Kali Live USB stick running fine with encrypted persistence - No space left on device

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    Kali Live USB stick running fine with encrypted persistence - No space left on device

    Hi all,

    I am at a loss somehow using my USB stick with Kali and encrypted persistence. I had no problem creating the bootable stick (did it on Linux with dd) and adding encrypted persistence on a 256 GB stick. But after reading some stuff on working with the stick and other posts about "no space left on device" I doubt if I understand the principle of the stick and/or the persistence correctly.

    1) Initially I had an 8GB USB stick running live Kali without persistence and I tried to do an update but at a certain point it told me that there was "no space left on device". So I bought a larger one only to find that the problem stays the same. Obviously this is because when I "dd" the image to the stick, the volume size will still be only 8 GB. So and looked for a solution and I was told in the Kali Discord group that I need to add persistence. So I did that but that did not change anything. I expected the update to use the persistence disk maybe but it did not and so I end up with the same problem. 8 GB live system which gets out of space on "apt update" and a 200+ GB persistence disk. I thought maybe there is a way to "dd" the live image to a larger partition somehow but couldn't find how. Anyway as I expect the live partition to be reset after a reboot there is no use in having a larger one. So how can I use the stick with persistence to get an up-to-date system? Is that possible at all? And what do I use the persistence disk for? Only personal files or can I save some systems files there or - better - point the system to use this disk?

    2) I found that do not have permission to save anything to the persistence disk unless I am root. Is that correct because it does not make sense to me?

    If anyone can light the dark here I would really appreciate it.


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    next time, download a full 'bare metal' Kali installer image (NOT a 'Live' version), and fully install Kali to the 256GB stick as if it was any other hard disk.

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