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Thread: Installer , live won't run when HDD is connected.

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    Installer , live won't run when HDD is connected.

    When I boot up with the Kali image on a DVD, with a hard drive connected to my computer, The kali installation options page comes up but when any install option is run it just restarts the computer and the kali installation options page comes up again.

    Live won't work either, but if the hard drive is not connected Kali will boot live from the DVD.

    No errors are displayed.
    I've tried with two different hard drives and the same thing happens.

    I tried with kali-linux-2022.4-live-amd64 (XFCE) and kali-linux-2020.2-live-amd64 (XFCE)

    My computer has higher specs than minimum required.
    I have the boot order set to DVD drive.
    I've never encountered this with other linux distros I've installed on this computer.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

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    The drive you want to install Kali on, if its NTFS formatted (typically they are) then the Kali installer can't see it.

    Format it exFAT and then when you run the installer, it can see the drive and use it.

    And turn off secure boot in your BIOS if you have it (sometimes called CSM or legacy mode)

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