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Thread: Kali Boot Problems

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    Kali Boot Problems

    Hey forum, I am an on and off Kali user. Ive had my Kali laptop offline for the last 6 or 7 months but the time has come to use it again (new contract).

    It wont boot : / no bootable disc detected. Not sure what version it is but it was the latest version about a year ago.

    I have had this a few times with Kali. Getting a bit hacked off with it TBH. It was fine when I last used it.

    I almost gave up on it and decided to setup an Ubuntu build to do the same thing but I want to give it one last chance. On the Ubuntu setup screen I can still see all the Kali partitions which appear to be intact.

    Can anyone here advise me on how one would go about reinstalling grub and to get my treasured Kali build up and running again?

    Really appreciate your help...

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    All you need to repair your grub is a command line in a shell;

    or you could just use your ubuntu as a live boot, and then from Ubuntu repair the grub config, and then reboot to Kali.

    By the way, boot issues with grub are not distro specific!

    If you want to try a different pen test distro, there is Parrot, Fedora Security spin, Blackarch.. etc.. and all are set up ready for Pentest work.

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    I just found the ISO that I used to build it. It is version 2022.3 amd64.

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