It is not a dealbreaker, or even slightly irritating. It is just puzzling.

I have had this system running Kali Rolling for several years now, and have had relatively no issues out of it, until I had to reconfigure the LAN network a few weeks back. Then all of a sudden the system became very sluggish, takes longer than usual to resolve commands executed with sudo, and now only resolves DNS requests through tor. If tor is stopped or disabled, DNS requests fail altogether, regardless of the setting in
. Everything is as it should be, the hosts file is to the letter, and so is the resolv DOT conf. I am not running systemd-resolvd or resolvconf, and there are no firewall rules preventing traversal of DNS requests. Heck, up until a few minutes ago, there were no firewall rules whatsoever. The hostname is also set with hostnamectl as it should. Routes also look good. So, I am baffled.

If you have any suggestions, I would be interested to hear about them, because I am out of ideas.