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Thread: ?Not enough space for kali?

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    ?Not enough space for kali?

    I am trying to install kali on my second harddrive, after partitioning it says something about no efi partition detected, after skipping that i can install, I selekted default install and the default desktop enviroment. Right at the end of installing software it crashes. First it say something like fc: not enough space and after 2 screens of printing it starts to print sh: something: not enough diskspace for ever. I have 8GB for swap and over 450 GB of ext4 for my / partition.

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    Without Grub installed on an EFI partition, its not going to boot..

    If you are tryibng to dual boot, and you have windblows on your system already, you'll need to go through some extra steps to stop Windows overwriting it when it updates.

    Plenty of 'how to's on the internet!

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