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Thread: using CyberGhostvpn with Kali : issue

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    using CyberGhostvpn with Kali : issue


    I would like to share with you an experience with the VPN provider CyberGhostvpn.
    On paper, or rather on the website, everything seems perfect, the price is reasonable, our Kali distribution is well listed in the Kali distributions without any release or date details.
    The subscription takes place and we receive several emails congratulating the subscription and so on ...
    My first attempts do not work but no matter I will contact the support a little later because it is the end of year period and like many people I have a job...

    After a while, after having tried several recipes without success, I contact the support which after an online discussion tells me that my version of Kali 2022.4 is not supported and that no code evolution is planned
    The support announces me that only the versions of 2019 and 2020 of Kali are supported with Cyberghosvpn (I hold at the disposal of who wants the exchanges with the support of Cyberghost).

    "The app currently supports Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 20.04 and Fedora 29, Fedora 30, Fedora 31, Linux Mint 19.3, CentOS 7, PopOS, Kali 2019/2020."
    note : The cyberghot website specifies ONLY KALI for Kali dist.

    In short, it is impossible for me to use Cyberghost on Kali 2022.
    The support thinks that the problem is related to the version of Glibc. The version of Glibc must be 2.29/2.30/2.31 for cyberghost.

    Of course, as I'm a few days out (<15 days) of the refund period, and as this prerequisite of supported Kali versions is not announced on the site, and as I asked for a refund, I let you guess the answer ....

    Since the code has not been maintained for a long time, that the support loops on a response (even asking me to change OS ...), I invite you to think carefully before pressing the button "pay".
    Beyond this little problem, which is not very serious, there are much more serious problems in life

    As we are in the Kali distribution forum, there may be someone who has solved this question, and in this case, I am interested by the solution to make cyberghost work on kali 2022 ?

    Finally, a last question, what VPN provider do you use on Kali ?

    Good day to all


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    Manual configuration

    I was able to get CyberGhost working on the current Kali distro manually, without their tool:
    1) Log into the website, go to VPN>Manage Devices
    2) Manual setup>Configure Device
    3) Select your protocol, country, and server group
    4) Save Configuration
    5) Go back to the VPN page, View your created device
    6) Download Configuration
    7) Locally unzip and edit the openvpn.ovpn, comment out "ncp-disable"
    8) sudo openvpn openvpn.ovpn
    9) When prompted, use the credentials shown on the created device page (not your CyberGhost creds)

    The issue is that ncp-disable is deprecated in newer versions of OpenVPN.


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