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Thread: How do I get Nethunter to work with a wifi adapter?

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    Question How do I get Nethunter to work with a wifi adapter?

    Hello to all of you who came here!
    I have a problem that I've been looking for a solution to for a long time.....
    I have a Pocofone f1 phone with kernel 4.9.186-perf-g10af704. I have nethunter installed on it. I also have a Tp-Link TL-WN722N V2 wifi adapter. On my laptop with kali installed this adapter works great! But when I connect to nethunter it shows up in lsusb but does not show up in iwconfig. I realized that the problem is with the drivers, but I don't know how to put them on my phone.
    I tried putting the Wireless Firmware for Nethunter module on Magisk but it didn't work
    Thanks in advance to everyone who will respond and help me find a solution!

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    Needs firmware and drivers I expect;

    The only other issue I've seen is when a USB adapter has 2 modes and needs 'switching'

    (fix wifi usb adapters with virtual ?CD? not showing up)

    sudo apt install usb-modeswitch usb-modeswitch-data


    Bus 004 Device 002: ID 0e8d:7612 MediaTek Inc. MT7612U 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Adapter

    find your adapter in list, ID is 2 x 4 digit codes, these are the -v (vendor) and -p (product) ID codes, change -v {your device} and -p {device model} after the switch as the below;

    sudo usb_modeswitch -K -W -v 0cf3 -p 9271 (realtek)

    sudo usb_modeswitch -K -W -v 0e8d -p 7612 (comfast/mediatek)

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    Look for default devices
    found USB ID 1d6b: 0003
    found USB ID obda:8176
    vendor ID matched
    product ID matched
    found USB ID 1d6b : 0002
    Found devices in default mode (1)
    device 002 on bus 001
    Get the current device conf iguration ...
    Current configuration number is 1
    Use interface number 0
    with class 255
    Error :
    can't use storage command in MessageContent with interface 0; interface class is 255, expected 8. Abort

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