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Thread: Tips for buying WiFi adapter kali rolling version 2022.4 ?

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    Tips for buying WiFi adapter kali rolling version 2022.4 ?

    Greetings to all forum users. I hope I'm writing in the correct section. I virtualized on vmware workstation the latest kali linux distro. I had purchased an adapter but unfortunately i had to return it because it didn't work with kali.

    I ask you experts, which antenna could I buy for this distro? Something not too expensive, I need it for lab tests.

    Thank you

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    The adapter you purchased initially would have worked with Kali you just need to install some firmware and drivers for it, that adapter was based on a realtek chipset.

    If you want a 'just works' adapter with linux kernel support already, try an adapter with an atheros chipset or something with an mediatek MT7610 chipset

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