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Thread: Installing Parallels Tools from Parallels Desktop 8 on Mac Book Pro Retina

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    Installing Parallels Tools from Parallels Desktop 8 on Mac Book Pro Retina

    I installed Kali Linux on my Retina with Parallels Desktop 8 and i need to install Parallels Tools.
    For that i had to set the installer.x86_64 permissions to read and write but now when i'm installing, i get a error saying that an error occurred when downloading required components for parallels tools installation:
    - make
    - kernel sources
    Install these components and try again

    Please help, what can ai do?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ruben Ribeiro

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    I am having the same issues as well. I tried updating the kernel headers based on what I found in a parallels - debian support article, but that was unable to fix the issue.

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    I had the same problem and I got the error log and made contact with Parallels Support Team sending them that log file.

    They told me Parallels tools for now only supports kernel 3.5, for kernel 3.7 they are working on a fix!

    (Kali-Linux runs kernel 3.7)


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    Parallels just launched an update for version 8, with support for Fedora 18, this means its supports now Kernel 3.7.2!

    I installed successfully Parallels Tools in Kali Linux. I just noticed bugs in screen resolution support...

    Everything else works fine.

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