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Thread: Kali and Python pip error: externally-managed-environment

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    Exclamation Kali and Python pip error: externally-managed-environment


    I am using the latest Kali fully updated and i noticed a day ago that there is a problem with Python and pip.

    error: externally-managed-environment
    ? This environment is externally managed
    ╰─> To install Python packages system-wide, try apt install
        python3-xyz, where xyz is the package you are trying to
        If you wish to install a non-Debian-packaged Python package,
        create a virtual environment using python3 -m venv path/to/venv.
        Then use path/to/venv/bin/python and path/to/venv/bin/pip. Make
        sure you have python3-full installed.
        If you wish to install a non-Debian packaged Python application,
        it may be easiest to use pipx install xyz, which will manage a
        virtual environment for you. Make sure you have pipx installed.
        See /usr/share/doc/python3.11/README.venv for more information.
    note: If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your Python installation or OS distribution provider. You can override this, at the risk of breaking your Python installation or OS, by passing --break-system-packages.
    hint: See PEP 668 for the detailed specification.

    I tried to install for example:

    pip3 install reflutter
    pip install pipx


    and in general it seems to be a system-wide issue as i am getting with any package...

    The issue seems to be started after the latest apt-get update and apt-get latest upgrade

    On the system i can see:

    Python 3.11.2
    pip 23.0 from /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pip (python 3.11)

    Then i thought that it may be to an older Python needed and i did an altinstall of 3.9 but it was not ok.

    Last test was to try it on latest/updated Ubuntu with the same installations and it was working great.

    So i did a clean install of Kali and i updated it using apt-get update and apt-get latest upgrade and tried to install the same tools before touching anything else and i got again the same issue.

    Any help please?

    Thanks in advance !

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    The following command worked for me: sudo pip3 install {INSERT INSTALL DIRECTORY HERE} --break-system-packages

    Hopefully it works for you as well

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    Just encountered this error. Looks like they are trying to prevent people from breaking python. Best practice is to use a virtual environment to install packages. To do this cd to the dir you would like to install your virtual environment I usually put it in the dir of the tool I am installing packages for. Next run
    . Next run
    source {NAME OF VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT}/bin/activate
    . After that you can proceed use pip. To exit the virtual environment simply run `deactivate`. Below is a quick command to copy and paste:

    virtualenv -p python3 venv; source venv/bin/activate

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    Please try using pipx on Kali (sudo apt install -y pipx), it helped for me.

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    Anyone who know how long I need to rollback Kali version to don't have this problem. I just simply don't want to/don't have time to deal with this. It's just simply anoying.
    2022.4? or 2022.3?
    Thank you

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