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Thread: zcompdump:1889: permission denied

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    zcompdump:1889: permission denied

    Hi ,

    I installed Kali on Virtual Box VM (host OS is Windows 11). After installing, whenever I open the terminal as user "kali", the terminal opens and the at the top of terminal, there is an error message

    home/kali/.cache/zcompdump:1889: permission denied

    At first I didnt pay attention but now i realized that tabbing of commands also doesnt work when I try as "kali" user. I can switch to root user and perform tasks but it is bugging a little.
    I tried chmod +x on the zcompdump file but it didnt resolve issue either.

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you

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    that dump file is for zsh to keep compinit config for fast start, it can be configured;

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