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Thread: Live Persistence and Saving Data Question

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    Live Persistence and Saving Data Question

    Hi Folks,

    I could use some help/clarification regarding saving data and system changes in Persistence. So I have downloaded a current live USB image (2022.4), flashed a USB, and followed the instructions on enabling persistence that I found here: Now when I change wallpapers or unpack files, the changes that I made are not found the next time I boot into Kali. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to correct it or even what the limitations are for persistence? Thank you!

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    Persistence is creating an extra partition for storing files you may want to keep, you cannot overwrite the Kali OS live image its an ISO image, i.e. a 'fixed' image and cannot be updated.
    If you want an updatable USB you will need another, put the 'installer ISO' image on one of them (NOT the live image) and when you boot from it, install Kali to the other USB as if it was any other hard drive, THEN you can update it like your expecting..

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    Try creating the ISO again using Rufus and maxing out on the USB persistence tab and give that a shot.

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