Hello world,

Recently I have had a couple issues while trying to connect the Alfa, USB Wi-Fi adapter (AWUS036ACM) to Kali (2022.4) when running in Virtual Box (7.0.6), on a windows 10 laptop.

I have had almost ZERO luck finding specific information online for a solution.
Fortunately, I was able to solve my problems, and would like to share, in hopes that it will also be a fix for you!

The problem:

When Kali is running, I click on devices, then USB.
The chipset for this adapter (MT7612U) should be listed, but wasn?t . So, I typed the command: lsusb, and saw realtek RTS 5129 listed as the chipset. However this wasn?t listed under devices/USB either.

The solution:

-Shut Kali down and go back to Virtual Box.

-Click on settings and navigate to USB, in the menu on the left.

-Add a USB filter for Realtek RTS 5129

-Navigate to Network under the settings menu

-If connection is configured with NAT, change to bridged network adapter, and choose the device from the drop down menu.

- Start up your Kali VM and go back to Devices/USB

- Look for mediatek 0100 and click it

- Go back to devices/USB and you should see a second, identical option for mediatek 0100

- Click the new mediatek 0100 listing

- The Alfa adapter should now be available in Kali. Type lsusb and look for wlan0 to confirm.

- Type sudo ifconfig wlan0 up, and you should be good to go!

I truly hope this helps you, or someone else experiencing the same issues!

Please let me know below if this was helpful, and please post any additional resources you may have found, to continue helping others!