I have taken the C source code for the SSH client program from the OpenSSH project, and I have combined it with the C source code for the tun2socks program from the badvpn project.

Having combined these two programs into one, I can connect to any SSH server and use it as a VPN. I don't need to have root access on the remote SSH server.

I'd like to ask if there would be interest in this new program?

I have built the binary link statically with everything except for the C Standard library (i.e. glibc), so it should run on every Linux system that can run x86_64 code. In the future I might make a fat binary that runs on every CPU (as well as on multiple operating systems).

The command line options are the same as for the ssh program, however if you don't give it any command line options then it dynamically loads "libX11.so" and displays the following GUI: