This is my first time compiling a kernel so forgive me if I'm asking ignorant questions.
What I've done:

Cloned my source kernel with
git clone -b lineage-18.1

cd into kernel directory

git clone

cp local.config.examples/local.config.example local.config

I used this one because im not sure which one I should use, and the .config file seemed to already be prepared to setup the proper toolchains.
I made all the changes in the guide, except for the DVB related items as I could not find them anywhere.
Everything compiles with SUCCESS, but there are ERRORS that seems pertinent.

My question is, do I need to address these DVB items mentioned in the error, or will the kernel still work without them?
What is the proper step to take to properly debug these errors? Is there a debug option for the builder?
Thanks for any help in advance..