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Thread: Kali didn't let me choose where to install grub bootloader

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    Kali didn't let me choose where to install grub bootloader

    During the dual boot installation everything went smooth (this isn't my first time dual booting kali with windows ) but at the end kali didnt let me choose where to install grub . It went without error and while rebooting grub didn't show up even in uefi boot order . But its present in the EFI folder (saw it on windows EFI partition). I tried other versions (2023.1 / 2022.4 /2021.3 live ) the partitions are ok i tried manual partitioning and using the free space . What should i do ?

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    To UEFI boot on windows box, you need to install the MOK certs for secure boot, have a look on the main Kali site in the docs it will explain it for you

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    If you create a partition and put the EFI flag in it the Grub will install there. Otherwise it's anyone's guess where it will go. Their installation protocol needs a little work.

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