Due to issues with 3D hardware acceleration and my particular graphics card, my system has been extremely slow, and using tools like OpenCAD and even VSCode is painful. Not to forget to mention, every time I upgrade to a new kernel, I get this whole massive output concerning missing graphics drivers. What I need to resolve all of this is the ability to install the appropriate proprietary AMD graphics for my system. This didn't appear to be possible due to libraries not available in the kali repository, but my newest attempt corrected this.

My first attempt was to build the driver from source, which as mentioned did not work. For my second attempt, I downloaded the Ubuntu installer for Ubuntu jammy, which roughly should be "close enough" to Kali bleeding-edge. In actuality, Kali bleeding-edge was ahead of Ubuntu Jammy, but I digress. The deb package for the amdgpu-driver was a bash installation script named 'amdgpu-install', in order to get this to run I had to add Kali to the list of Debian based operating systems in the script. Once modified, the script ran and added a pair of repositories to my apt sources list. This was good, as it allowed the system to acquire all the needed libraries to compile the kernel mods. Then it tried to compile the modules for dkms, but failed.

It appears the error concerns the drm_framebuffer. I have uploaded the make log to a gist on github for viewing. https://gist.github.com/anoduck/b641...3666912eca8102 and I could use some help troubleshooting this make process.