My install with kernel 6.0.0-kali6 works well in secure boot mode. Using my own MOK certificates and signed kernel, initrd, grub ...
Since kernel 6.1.0 this seems not to work in my environment.
Boot is stuck in initramfs and I am prompted with busybox shell. Unfortunately I am not able use the shell as the keyboard seems not to be detected.
Only choice is long button press to power off the notebook.
It also looks like neither root partition nor the resume partition is being detected.

Running the notebook ( BIOS efi boot mode ) in audit mode the same kernel works without any issue. So the kernel/initrd should be fine ( at least in that mode ).

Comparing the kernels config between 6.0.0 and 6.1.0 I have the impression that this is related to these changes

How / what do I need to configure to get kernel 6.1.0 running in secure boot mode ? What am I missing in my setup ?