So i have this problem with my NetHunter on OnePlus 6 with OxygenOS for this phone) I have problems with completly missing Man In the Middle Framework(mitmf) - installing can not be done; Bluetooth arsenal (carwhisperer) can not found file to inject while trying to inject audio, it says file not found; BadUSB mitm is also not working, after i try eun it just as i connect phone to pc it says that this device does not support RNDIS, buth there is a catch, after i mannually enable rndis in USB arsenal and mannualy enter it as interface it does not work either; DeAuth is not working (but i do not know how it should work, but friend of mine know how to use it but says that it is not working) in Attachments are screenshots of errors. Can someone help how to fix these problems or just some of them i would personally like to use that carwhisperer or bad usb or mitmf. Screenshot_20230401-180406.jpgScreenshot_20230401-180446.jpgScreenshot_20230401-180136.jpg

Ps. I know that on kali websites it says that nethunter is supported on this phone just with oxygenos 12 but this release of OxygenOs was never for this phone os idk (I personally think that documentation for nethunter is also weird because i also have Sony Xperia z1 but on website it says that that phone must have android pie but last android for this phone is android kit kat so i do not know)