As stated above, I am trying to dual boot Kali on my Windows 11 laptop while utilizing the 1tb (2x512gb) NVME primary storage space for both installs. I'd like limit the the size of the Kali partition to ~100gb. Is this possible to do? I know many people have had similar issues in the past but none of the solutions have worked out for me (I really want the two NVME drives to show as a single 1tb it an OCD thing I guess). There is a secondary 1TB HDD installed in the laptop that I could easily utilize for the dual boot but I've become a little bit obsessed with installing Kali as I had originally planned. The good news is that I don't have any data to worry about losing/saving as this is a clean install for both OS'.

Is there a "defacto" guide out there for this kind of installation or do I need to concede myself to either getting rid of the RAID0 drive or utilizing the HDD instead?

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