Ok, can someone please explain to me how tools that came pre-installed with kali and I assume are being updated and upgraded each time I do so, yet tools I've never opened before are littering my terminal screen with errors. These aren't insignificant erros either. Backdoor factory and weevely both had over 15 lines of syntax errors, Beef had GeoIP missing and needed some sort of keys. There were a couple more, it seems like most if not all of these are poorly written python code errors. Am I to assume that the dev team at Kali doesn't review the tools THEY choose to load pre-installed to see if they even will open and function properly? Not that they perform well but that they even perform at all? This is really disappointing. I'm not a code writer, I know about as little as I need to which isn't much. I focus my time and energy on networking systems, interfaces, network security and threat intelligence. I am depending on the developers and code writers to come up with and develope these tools. I have donated plenty of money to alot of these foundations and groups to ensure that tthese stay open-sourced. I am already taking it up the *** having to pay for some of these tools like meta-pro and C.S. Most of which don't have any higher functioning they're just easier to use, they exception being Cobalt strike but even that is dependant in part on open source software. The next major update of this distro needs to have some time and effort put into cleaning these issues up. The overlapping start and stop message that has persisted of years, bluetooth icons not functioning properly, VPN providers like proton giving instructions how to install that aren't correct. There's a thousand more of these issues littlered throughout this support forum. Kali was king for a long time but distros like Parott and Black Arch are catching up because they are putting int the time and effort to get better. This distro needs to have a little more effort into privacy and anonymity. It would hurt to have some things like Tor and I2P pre-installed and maybe a vpn service that's already set up and configured with a UI for ease of use. I installed PIA and it was the easyist thing I've downloaded so far, it has a simple but very useful UI, allows port forwarding, socks5 or shadow proxy and has worked flawlessly and I personally haven't noticed a drop in speed. So much so that I forget it's on and then Nmap won't work correctly and it reminds me its on. I am well aware of the open source policy and only having services that are free, but I doubt anyone would complain if there was a VPN that just had to be turned on and you got a free 30 days with an option afterwords. OpenVpn may have it's advantages but it's complicated to hook up and since I'm not a criminal, I don't need to hide from everyone.