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Thread: How to install Kali on Nexus S phone?

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    How to install Kali on Nexus S phone?

    Is it possible to install Kali on Nexus S phone?

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    You may want to check out Complete Linux Installer. I sent the dev an email today and he said he is working on getting kali linux arm image working with his app. His best estimate is sometime over the weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n0m4d View Post
    Is it possible to install Kali on Nexus S phone?
    I am working with "Linux Deploy" a new tool that not only installs Kali very easily to either an img or, the way I did it, to an ext4 partition on my external sd. I am using an HTC EVO 4G LTE (Sprint) , S-OFF, Unlocked, and Rooted, using latest TWRP recovery, Hboot 2.09, and Bad Seed Tranquility rom. I took a new SanDisk Ultra 64gb microSD and put it in my existing kali linux machine and used gparted to format the card: 48gb fat32 on mmcblk0p1, 12gb ext4 on mmcblk0p2, and a little 1gb linux-swap on p3.

    I downloaded the app "Linux Deploy" free which supports Kali Linux already and free. This I believe is the first app to allow direct GUI through the phone's framebuffer graphics, but we are still working on that. Meanwhile, VNC and SSH work great. I use RealVNC Viewer for Android to VNC into localhost and it is surprisingly responsive! I also VNC in from my iPad and laptop to use Gnome. (I chose the Gnome wm in linux deploy configuration)

    Anyway on first boot, I did the apt-get update and upgrade and dist-upgrade, then an autoclean and autoremove. But when I go to do apt-get install kali-tools -yq, it errors out on "broken packages held" and "openvas depends" I was unable to sort this out because: kali-linux requires openvas, which requires both gsd and greenbone-security-assistant. one wants libopenvas5 and one wants libopenvas6. gsd tries to uninstall greenbone and vice versa. Unsure what do to about this or how that works out on my regular amd64 distro, but no amount of command line switches were helping. So I used apt-cache to give me a list of the kali-linux depends and installed "most" of them manually: I had to NOT install the following. (ramifications of this breaking other tools is unknown as yet.) openvas and its dependencies. Everything else seemed to install..... exceeeeept.... postgresql and postgresql-9.1 and I believe that they are choking on the fact that this is chroot environment:

    Setting up postgresql-9.1 (9.1.9-1) ...
    [....] Starting PostgreSQL 9.1 database server: main[....] The PostgreSQL server failed to start. Please check the log output: 2013-05-10 11:24:30 EDT LOG: could not create IPv6 socket: Permission denied. ... (same with IPv4 socket and listen socket) ... FATAL: could not create any TCP/IP sockets ... failed!
    dpkg: error processing postgresql-9.1 (--configure):

    So I don't know what I should do about that. I do have superuser/root given to the Linux Deploy app.

    Thanks everyone and I will let you know about any further developments.

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