Hi I downloaded my Kali Lijux on my laptop and I will right off mention this is an dualboot type. Whats the problem is that after the setup and installation it just constantly fails to connect to my wifi. Even if i manually connect by clicking my network it seems like it did kinda connected since there is disconnect oprion and bolded name of my WIF router. Heres the thing that happends, after being connected for like 1min or 2min it just send me a small pop-up window saying it disconnected. I tired everything i almost read and watched whole internet of this error and still cant get to fix it. Also i should mention there was a very rare chance that i get connected to my WIFI but the moment i try to test to see does it works by going on simple sites like google.com and it just disconnects right after i press enter.

If anyone know how to fix this error please reply to this post.