Hello! A few days before I cut my HDD into some partitions so i could download Kali Linux there and DualBoot with Windows 10. As far i came now its successful! I can when starting laptop choose in GRUB between Windows and Kali. But there is an issue with Kali tho... It has no ability to use Internet, I mean like it can I think connect when I select my WIFI from list and get an option to disconnect but instead of wifi logo up there its just a dot circleing around and after like 1-2 minutes it just pops up a bubble saying disconnected. Now I tired and explored like 20% of Kali Linux world and troubleshootings to get it working but nothing seems to help it.
So if anyone who knows how to fix that or to help me reply on this.. i took so much effort into this and now only problem preventing me to use like 40% of OS is only that faulty internet.