I just did a fresh install of Kali Purple (2023-05-12). I installed KDE Plasma as I have used it with regular Kali.

I plugged in a USB drive and clicked on a known good video. VLC opened but it did not load. I closed VLC, but I had to "kill -9" the VLC process which was still running in the background to unplug the USB drive.

I installed SMPlayer, and got the same result. Except when I killed the SMPlayer process running in the background, it took down Plasma desktop and left me with a blank screen.

The second issue is probably related: I can I CTRL-ALT-F2 to get a terminal, and then restart "kstart5 plasmashell". The GUI login screen shows my login ID, and the password field has dots in it and is greyed out, and is unresponsive to keyboard or mouse clicks. To get my desktop back I have to reboot. I Rebooted twice while writing this post because I was verifying the symptoms.