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Thread: So with all this new "build your own distribution" technology, does that mean ..

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    So with all this new "build your own distribution" technology, does that mean ..

    So with all this new "build your own distribution" technology, does that mean that I can enable the official Debian Testing and/or even debian Sid repositories and not suffer a "dependency-****"? I currently have a box with Gentoo as my main operating system, and Debian Testing for the huge repositories they have. (Although lately I've been playing around with eix and remote overlays, the total amount of ebuilds available may very well exceed that of Debian as you have, for example, the Exherbo overlay, and the Pentoo overlay, etc.)

    I have high expectations as I am an experienced user of Linux, it has been my hobby for years now to play with this shiny toy and learn its inner workings by breaking it and fixing it, comparing the efficiency of the "fixing" process so that I may ultimately find my "perfect match" and "settle down", so to say haha.

    I currently have several tarballs of various systems on hold for testing, like slackware-current and openSUSE simply because I can do such things when Linux software is free of charge.

    Thank you for reading. (:

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    Mixing repos is a bad idea in general. Not something we encourage or support.

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    Yeah, and to go on more with what muts said it would also complicate things if you were to ask for support as if your going to build your own distro you world have very limited support on what we (the Kali community) can help with as you might have twenty different repositories giving you access to more software than I can imagine while people like muts are mostly going to help support just what came with Kali and then some depending on if we have worked with them before.

    My suggestion here is if your going to think about making your own distro for Kali and as you said you want to push it to its limts then I suggest starting off with a starter first and go through a test run with the distro and see if you find problems before going off and building your own. Might as well get any bugs and errors out now before you wind up having a bad experience and not know if its just Kali itself or your custom distro.

    Not trying to make myself come across as saying you don't know what your doing as you said this was your hobby for years now but I'm only giving you the warning because Kali is still farely new.

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