Hi everyone!

I'd like to run Kali on a Radxa Zero. I used the official image to install. The installation in itself works and Kali runs, but I can't get SPI to work.

I have added the overlay(s) in /boot/config.txt and updated extlinux. I can see that the overlay is specified correctly in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf, but SPI still doesn't work.

The only configuration I get it to work in is the official Radaxa Ubuntu image. In that image, there's a /boot/uEnv.txt which has extra variables for SPI configuration. It looks like this:


Those parameters are NOT Kernel command line parameters, they are parsed in a different way I suppose. However, I have no idea where and how.

So, (for now) the question basically boils down to: how can I pass the spidev parameters to the spidev driver? Is there a way to get /boot/uEnv.txt working in Kali?