I recently got a raspberry pi 4 (8GB) and a monitor. I have installed Kali linux 2023.2 and parrot sec os 5.3 but my 1920x 1080 monitor isn't working with my raspberry pi 4, and keeps defaulting to 1824 x 984 when I run xrandr -s 1920 x 1080 I get the message "Size 1920 x 1080 not found in available in modes." I have tried my screen with a micro SD with Ubuntu 22.04 installed and it works fine which has led me to believe that this is a problem in settings when using Kali and parrot sec os but the only option in settings is 1824 x 984 there isn't any other option for screen size and custom profiles don't work either. I tried adding custom screen resolutions using xrandr but that doesn't seem to work either.

i fixed this issue in kali linux by editing these 3 lines in /boot/config.txt


but now the issue is my mouse is not working properly, its lagging and i have to move mouse very much to get pointer move on monitor.