Hello everyone,

I am using Nethunter 2023.2 on a Oneplus 7 phone, installed with the Kali nethunter image. So far it works nicely, but I have an issue with aircrack-ng suite (last version of the repository, 1.7).

The program works well, but airodump-ng does not show properly the power of the different wifis (PWR always shows 94db, quality % is stuck at 0%).

It impacts similar programs such as wifite or fluxion, where the pwr is also wrong (it shows 6db for wifite, for all wifi sources). It is embarrassing for the selection of the best wifi to test, usually I take the one with the best signal... :s

The same problem is met when aircrack-ng suite is installed on Termux, pwr is stuck at 94db.

Did someone have the same behavior on a Oneplus 7?

NB : I installed kali-linux-firmware package, I believe that normally the correct firmwares should be available... but maybe not?

Thank you in advance for your kind help!