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Thread: Kali linux as only OS using rufus, stuck at boot

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    Kali linux as only OS using rufus, stuck at boot

    So it gets stuck just before the logo shows up, making me force shutdown.

    As soon as I do that, the logo shows up and shuts down.

    MBR, defaults, DD disk image(I attached a picture).

    There's an error(?) that keeps mentioning the "couldn't determine sector size of dev/sdb, using sector size (512)" (I attached a picture)

    I know that's the usb, the dev/sda is the for the SSD.

    I formatted the drive. Idk...

    I dont want to use virtualbox because it's slowww. Not a great laptop but does the job.

    Has to be the only operating system on the SSD.

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    What was on the SSD before?

    boot from a live USB and in Gparted delete any and all partitions you find on the disk, format entire (now 'blank') drive as EXT4 and then try installing again.

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