I installed Kali linux on raspberry pi 4. After installation, the operating system booted up and I launched "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt upgrade". After updating the packages, I rebooted kali. Now, when I turn on, I have this inscription:

I press Enter, the system asks for a login and password:

I enter my username and password, now the system freezes on some information about bluetooth:

I press Enter again (without pressing Enter, the launch does not continue), and now this is the window:

That is, to boot, I still need to enter startx and only after all these manipulations, the desktop is loaded.

No external devices other than the monitor via HDMI and USB mouse and keyboard are connected.
How do I make Kali linux on raspberry pi boot to the desktop automatically after turning on the device? Without having to enter a username and password, press Enter and type startx on the keyboard. It's very strange that everything worked after the installation, and after the update, problems started, I didn't even install any new packages (update only). Or is it not worth doing a "sudo apt upgrade"?