Hey guys,

I think im posting this in the right section

I have a little problem i need some help with. I have several wordlists that i use for my WPA testing. I start with a small list of common words. Then i move on to a bigger list ive compiled using purehates, naxtoe, etc. and then if im really bored i move onto a huge list of words. But what if im wasting time by checking the same words?

How can i compare the lists and remove the duplicates without combining the files.

I have my first list...Common.lst
Then my next list...Hackers.lst
Then the huge list ..Huge.lst

I want all the words in Common to be removed from Hackers.lst
I want all the words from Hackers.lst to be removed from Huge.lst

You see where im going with this.

I think its possible to do this with grep commands but i cant figure it out. Ive done some googling and found a couple of commands but i cant get them to work. What should i be doing to get what i want?