I am running kali-pi 5.15.44 (2022-07-03) on a rpi4b When powered on, it shows boot/terminal window, and asks for credentials via command line.

I?ve had to then type ?startx? after logging in, to boot to the GUI desktop environment. I?ve added startx to /etc/profile, and it automatically boots to desktop after logging in via command line.

I?ve run raspi-config to select the B3 option from boot options menu, and still had same results.

I?ve run sudo systemctl enable lightdm (yes, lightdm-gtk-greeter) is also installed, with same results still.

I?ve run sudo systemctl enable xfce4, and still stuck with command line login.

Has anyone else experienced this, and been able to get the GUI login? What am I missing? TIA