I am not certain about exactly when it happened but my install of vscodium is nuked.

The /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vscodium.list file is correct with "deb [ signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/vscodium-archive-keyring.gpg ] https://download.vscodium.com/debs vscodium main" as content.

I tried re-installing with "sudoapt --reinstall install vscodium " which failed with "E: Unable to locate package vscodium"

I then tried re-installing with "sudoapt --reinstall install codium " instead of failing vscodium.
That re-installed worked but codium is still nuked.

It only shows a few abstract types of images instead of the normal opening page and is totally unresponsive.

I also tried installing fro vscodium own .deb binaries after a delete/purge from my system with the same error (black screen non-functional).

So it seems that the issue is related to an incompatibility with the browser that codium uses, perhaps.

I am running Kali amd64.

Any help would be welcomed.