I have Qubes 4.2 installed in my notebook, the bios is in legacy mode (I think I had to do it that way as it didn't work in EFI mode, but I don't really remember). I installed Kali 2023 and selected guided partitioning. After reboot the Qubes' grub loads as usual with no new option so I started reading Qubes' forums and trying things but I am still unable to boot into Kali, so now I am trying to get some help here. Here you can see some of my posts at Qubes' forums, where you will find data about my system (my username there is lw3eov):

On this older posts I was asking for help to make the Qubes work for me (I think it may be important to know all those steps I took):



On this newer post I am asking for help to make Kali work for me:


Many thanks