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Thread: HDMI monitor stays blank after suspend

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    HDMI monitor stays blank after suspend


    For some 3 weeks I'm having issues when my Kali rolling is waking up from suspend. The issues are most probably related to one of the regular updates as it always worked until then, unfortunately I don't know which.

    Whenever Kali is waken up from suspend it starts up correctly (ie. I can ssh into it) but the HDMI-attached monitor stays black. The usual Ctrl-Alt-F3 then Ctrl-Alt-F2 trick doesn't help, also powering the monitor of and on doesn't help either. I also tried the older 6.5 kernel to no avail. Furthermore, it's the same using desktop KDE Plasma in both, X11 and Wayland mode.

    Assuming at least a related issue which occurred after the above updates: When rebooting Kali with the monitor (with internal speakers) being powered on no sound is available. This issue can be worked around by powering the monitor off and on again, though.

    My setup is as follows:

    • CPU AMD Ryzon 9 7900X
    • GPU AMD integrated with CPU (using driver amdgpu)
    • 64 GB RAM
    • one 27" monitor via HDMI
    • Kali Linux (up to date as of today)
    • Kernel 6.6.9-1kali1 (2024-01-08) x86_64
    • Desktop KDE Plasma

    Some more technical details (inxi, lsmod) can be found in the attachments.

    I'm happy to provide any additional info as required.

    Any hint to resolve this issue is highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,
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