It seems that its hard to get NetHunter working properly on the Oneplus 8
I can find instructions for the op6 and 7 no problem, but all on the OP8 are either rootless or without custom kernel for internal NIC

So what i want to achieve with this, is a working installation guide for the OP8 /t/pro with:

Persistence: It seems it has to be installed on both partitions for the installation to persist.
Monitor mode: I want monitor mode enabled on the internal NIC (there are kernels on github for both 11 and 12)
Hid: The hid attacks are quite important to get working IMO
OTG: i also want OTG support for as many as possible external NIC
Control or access of the IR camera and if possible the IR LED (yes the op8 pro has an IR led) (this i can do with gcam and some profiles but its not optimal)

I have soft bricked my OP8 PRO right now, and i have tried so many times.
Ive gotten twrp installed and a custom rom . but dumping the payload and getting disable dm verity encrypt thing (on both partitions) is not working for me
I`ve gotten it to work on a OP1, Galaxy s7 and a xiaomi remdi 4 but this i can not get to work

Are there anyone with a Oneplus 8 with persistent rooted install of NetHunter with Monitor mode (custom kernel) working ? I cannot find a single case of this combo

Any help will be greatly appreciated