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Thread: Upgrade from Kernel 6.6.9 to 6.6.15

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    Upgrade from Kernel 6.6.9 to 6.6.15

    Hi Everyone,

    I've recently did an update/upgrade on my Kali Linux installation, I upgraded all packages with updates available with the command:

    $ sudo apt update -y && sudo apt full-upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove -y && sudo apt autoclean -y

    This changed the kernel from 6.6.9 to 6.6.15

    The version 6.6.9 is still installed and working fine.

    However with the version 6.6.15, it hangs on the login screen, it gets to the login screen, asks for user and password, but just doesn't let me type neither and doesn't let me do anything at all, the screen just gets frozen, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't do anything, pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 also doesn't do anything, always have to force a reboot/shutdown by pressing the power button, on reboot I select advanced options and select boot with kernel 6.6.9 and that's when it starts working again.

    Kali Linux is installed on a laptop HP EliteBook 840 G9.

    Could it be a drivers thing?
    Where could I double check?
    What should I look for in the logs?

    Since kernel version 6.6.9 is working fine I would like to keep it, and if possible, also maybe keep more kernel versions, like 3 or 5 versions of a given kernel.
    Does Kali Linux remove older kernel versions automatically when updates are applied, for example with the command I mentioned before?
    Do I need to change any settings so I can keep older versions of a certain kernel version? and if so where do I make these changes?

    Thank you very much.


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    Linux usually keeps 1 or 2 older kernels in the boot options, newer kernels are usually needed to support later hardware, and issues are often caused by breaking changes (something like a driver has changed and your older hardware doesn't like it), or by things like power saving options on laptops, usually fixed by BIOS updates on the device, if available.

    You can choose any kernel you wish, and even 'fix' the version. Be aware that sometimes installed programs may be expecting a newer kernel and may not work as expected.

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    Hi Fred,Thank you very much for your reply.In the mean time i did a few more upgrades to Kali Linux, the kernel was upgraded to version 6.8.11, the issue I reported on the 2024-04-26 stopped occurring, it's working fine now.Regarding about keeping more versions of the kernel I'll probably put it on hold for now and leave it at that.I'd mark this issue as sorted/resolved.Thank you once again.Kind regards,

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