Hi everyone,

I want to use QEMU/KVM to create/run VM's and want to use virt-manager to manage those VM's, but it seems that this package is no longer available on the Kali Linux repos.
I followed this guide https://vitux.com/how-to-install-kvm...on-kali-linux/ and was able to run all the installation commands and install everything up until step 2 and managed to add my user to groups libvirt and kvm, but when I run the command on step 4: sudo apt install virt-manager I get the message "unable to locate package virt-manager".
I also tried to search for it using Synaptic to no avail!!
Is it still possible to create/run QEMU/KVM VM's without virt-manager?
Is there another way to install virt-manager?

Thank you very much.