Hi guys, just tried MDK3 and realized that is not working as it should be, i tried to dos my AP but nothing happening, i was able to dos my AP with BT5-3 every time and still able to,

signal is very good it's -10 to -20 so i know is not the signal problem because am very few feet away from the AP pluse from the same distance am able to dos it with BT5-3

however i notice when i dos it there's only one client conected to my AP, but on BT5 there's thousands clients conected,

your help will be appreciated, thank you

root@Kali:~# mdk3 mon0 a -a 00:818:4D:C6:92

AP 00:818:4D:C6:92 is responding!
Connecting Client: 20:F2:5E:B7:00:71 to target AP: 00:818:4D:C6:92
AP 00:818:4D:C6:92 seems to be INVULNERABLE!
Device is still responding with 1000 clients connected!

it says that 1000 clients connected but there is only one!