Hey guys,

Ive been challenged by my mate next door to hack his wifi....I am by no means even considered profficient, but i am learning and competent. Im having a few problems.

Firstly ive already got the handshake, and gone through it with Elcomsoft WSA on my main PC. Ran through 13Gb of wordlists and no use......expected.

So now im on to WPS cracking. Ive been using aireplay-ng to get the association, and using reaver to crack. Ive have tried all sorts of configs but this is what ive been using lately:

aireplay-ng -a xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -e virginmediaxxxxxxxxxx mon0 -1 120

reaver -i mon0 -b xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -vv -c 11 -A -N -S -L

So this is my current procedure:

1. airmon-ng start wlan1
2. ifconfig wlan1 down
3. ifconfig mon0 down
4. macchanger wlan1 -A
5. macchanger mon0 -A
6. ifconfig wlan1 up
7. ifconfig mon0 up
8. aireplay-ng -a xx:xx:xx...........
9. (new teminal window) reaver -i mon0 -b xx:xx:x.......................

First issue is that the fastest i can get it to run is 23 pin/sec
Not sure if killing any of the processes listed by airmon-ng will help, but anything i can do to speed up would be good

Second and MAIN issue is that ive hit a wall...I`ve got to 90.90% and its just repeating the same pin number over and over again. Wash reports the AP is not locked, and reaver just goes round in circles, reporting m1,m2,m3,m4,timeout, retrying.

Ive tried some googlefoo but all i can come up with is old bt4 posts, saying to reconfigure the SVN and that as far as my knowlege goes. I dont really want to start faffing around with the drivers etc, unless i really need too.