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Thread: It is possible to boot from UEFI and BIOS mode from USB installed ?

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    Lightbulb It is possible to boot from UEFI and BIOS mode from thumb USB ?


    I wonder to know that it is possible to boot my installed Kali on thumb usb from UEFI and BIOS mode at the same time ?
    what I want to do this amazing idea is a compatibility reason of using it on PC, NC and MAC .

    I tried a kali live x64 version, added a persistence partition, required efi files to the disk followed from How to EFI install Kali Linux.
    similar post: Installing Grub2 for EFI and BIOS mode on USB drive

    testing it on my BIOS-based PC(GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H), ASUS PC(P8Q67-M DO/BM6660) and MACBOOKPRO(2011), it's work !
    just want to know how to make this idea come true, thanks

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