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Thread: Removed Iceweasel, now missing crucial system settings/apps.

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    Removed Iceweasel, now missing crucial system settings/apps.

    While attempting to upgrade my adobe flash player version numerous things went wrong
    Ill spare the details on that part, here's where Im at atm.
    Botched flash upgrade left iceweasel broken. When I try to open Iceweasel nothing happens. I also tried "iceweasel" at the terminal and recieved "Segmentation Fault".
    I then decided this would be a good oppurtunity to re-install iceweasel and also grab firefox. (Im in need of seperate browsers)
    After "apt-get remove iceweasel" things started to go wrong
    Upon reboot ive discovered the following:

    my Network manager icon (top right of screen in gdm3) is gone, and my int. wifi keeps turning itself off. It will come back w/ "ifconfig wlan0 up" but not for long.
    Lots of panel icons are missing, font also looks different.
    attempt to manually connect to my modem and apt-get update / apt-get install iceweasel, it gets to 34% of the update and freezes then wlan0 goes down.

    Decide to logout/reboot once more, and now I get this:
    The splash login screen is gone, leaving me at a command prompt warning me about unauthorized access.
    My login/pass still work,but when i log in it warns me about unauth access again
    "startx" / "gdm3" will not start the window manager.

    What have I done?! seems like iceweasel has lots of system dependencies, should it not be removed at all?
    Any suggestions on where to start fixing this?
    In the meantime I plan on connecting via ethernet and hopefully install iceweasel w/everything it removed. Any input is appreciated

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    After lots of frustration and searching I think ive removed all versions of flash. re installed iceweasel but its still seg faulting. im on ver 18.0.1 by the way.
    As for everything else (gdm3 networkmgr etc) im just installing one by one
    At least im learning some new stuff

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    Did that with Linux Mint before... always check dependencies. First I freaked, then I was ok, let me just reinstall what I just purged.

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