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Thread: "Kali Linux" Menu ICON missing in MATE Desktop

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    Exclamation "Kali Linux" Menu ICON missing in MATE Desktop

    If you install MATE Desktop, you'll see Kali Linux Menu item is missing and it's been replaced with Other item which is just a collection of all PenTest application shortcuts.

    Also if you look into System>Preferences> there's two Main Menu icons. One of them is mozo and the other one is alacarte. Alacarte got Kali Linux item, mozo is however missing it.

    How to get back Kali Linux item in MATE Main Menu?

    p.s. Deleting /root/.config/menus or /root/.local/share/applications doesn't solve it. Neither does reinstalling kali-menu.
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    bumping this post.

    Anyone found a workaround? (alternatively does an ISO built from Scratch helps?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackMORE View Post
    does an ISO built from Scratch helps?)
    No, I've just built an ISO (AMD64) with Mate. The kali menu doesn`t exist. All kali menu items are in Other.

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    Here's what I did to bring the Kali menu into MATE:

    nano /etc/xdg/menus/
    - Look for the section of text <!-- End Internet -->
    - On a new line add the following:

      <!-- Kali Linux  -->	
      <MergeFile type="path">applications-merged/</MergeFile>
    Now save the file, log out and then log back in. You will now have the FULL Kali menu in MATE.
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